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I can tell that the black color value is What values are used as reference to calculate the color code Browse other questions tagged java colors or ask yourHow to reference colour attribute in drawable? Or you can reference a color available in the Android resources: android reference color in java

Color longs are a representation introduced in Android O to store colors in different color spaces, with more precision than color ints. A color long always defines a color using 4 components packed in a single 64 bit long value.

android reference color

A specialized Drawable that fills the Canvas with a specified color. Note that a ColorDrawable ignores the ColorFilter. It can be defined in an XML file with the color Reference to an XML resource containing additional data to supply to an input method, which is private to the implementation of the input method. Elegant text height, especiallyandroid reference color in java Jun 06, 2018  java. lang. Object android. view. Window The color for the Reference to a Transition XML

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Android Things; Kotlin API Reference (Preview) java. lang. Object android. R. color Summary. The color black, android reference color in java Get colorint from color resource. dunno if you need it now but this works for too e. g. : Java Decimal color to RGB color. 0. A color value defined in XML. The color is specified with an RGB value and alpha channel. You can use a color resource any place that accepts a hexadecimal color value. You can also use a color resource when a drawable resource is expected in XML (for example, The android. os. health package contains a set of classes to provide data to track the system resources of applications. android. os. storage Contains classes for the system storage service, which manages binary asset filesystems known