Undo delete email account on iphone

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2019-08-20 06:15

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you discover that you cant delete email from your iPad, iPhone, or another iDevice. Or you find that you are unable to remove the entire email account itself from the Mail App.Select the email account you wish to remove. Tap Delete Account at the bottom of the list. Confirm by tapping Delete Account or, in some cases, Delete from My iPhone. undo delete email account on iphone

How to undelete and redelete mail in iOS Undo Trash: you can shake your iPhone With most modern email accounts, when you delete a message its moved

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In order to delete an email account from your iPhone, you need to tap on Settings, then General, then Profiles and Device Management. Find your mail profile on the list that says, Configuration Profiles , and tap on that. A Profile page then opens and you will have to tap the red Delete Profile . Confirm and enter your devices passcode if needed. Removing then readding your email often fixes login and not receiving email issues. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Mail Accounts. From the Accounts section, tap an email account.undo delete email account on iphone How can the answer be improved?

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To enable this account again, you will simply toggle Mail back on. How to delete an email account on your iPhone and iPad. Launch Settings from your Home screen. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap the account you want to delete. Tap Delete Account. undo delete email account on iphone