Iphone battery dies fast

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2019-09-18 20:52

That includes the new iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, or the stillforsale iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, or iPhone SE. If you've updated to iOS 11. 3, or you're upgrading to a new iPhone, you might seeHow to Save Battery on iPhone or iPad iOS 11. 4 Draining Your iPhone Battery Life? Here Are 10 Ways to Fix It Why is my battery draining so fast? Ten ways to fix battery drain on iPhone: 1. Follow Battery Drain Suggestions in Settings 2. Update All Apps Available to Update 3. Reduce the Number of Widgets on Lock Screen 4. Restart Your iPhone 5. iphone battery dies fast

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iphone battery dies

If the temperature gets low enough, your iPhone might stop working entirely, but when it warms up again, your iPhone and battery level should return to normal. 10. Make Sure AutoLock Is Turned On. One quick way to prevent battery iPhone battery drain is by making sure autolock is turned on. The Ultimate Guide to Solving iPhone Battery Drain. the phone will usually die within six hours of being off the charger, Why is my iPhone battery draining fast?iphone battery dies fast iPhone's battery draining fast? Here's how to fix it. So you've carried out the tests and come to the conclusion that your iPhone suffers from a battery drain issue.

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Does your iPhone battery die quickly? Find out why your iPhone battery dies so fast and how to fix it. iphone battery dies fast What to do when your iPhone battery is draining faster than usual A few things you can do to fix a battery that isn't lasting as long as it used to.