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2019-09-19 11:31

I have a Motorola MC9090 device and it runs Windows CE 5. 0. I need and small application that I can run from a batch file that will kill another application (BTExplorerMenu. exe) silently.I have a problem with a GPS device: it runs windows embedded ce 6. 0 and I am trying to make the GPS software (iGO Primo) run by default (automatically run on startup). I have tried copying the shortcut to \Windows\Startup folder, but on restart it was gone. autostart application windows ce

If you are not developing the Windows CE OS for your platform, you can add your application to the \Windows\Startup folder. This option does require that the \Windows\Startup folder is persistent and that the Explorer shell runs on your system.

autostart application windows

Oct 20, 2009 AutoRun (automatically launching an app) in WinCE 6. 0 Technorati Tags: Advertisements. Save your application in application folder of Wince(or subfolder). So, in application folder create a file called somename. cpy containing: Every time Wince starts (warm or cold boot) it will copy your app to Windows startup folder thenautostart application windows ce Mar 12, 2014  Hi! One year ago I started working with Windows CE 6. 0, I have made some applications, that applications start them

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The Windows CE Windows Mobile OS contains functionality for automatically starting a program at a specified time. The functionality is available through a call to CeRunApAtTime from the CoreDLL library. autostart application windows ce re: Windows CE: Programmatically Setting Up an Application to Auto Start Hello Bruce, Thank you for the valuable information, but as a matter of fact I have a question; you have mentioned in another article that in order to use this method, LaunchXX and DependXX method I mean, I have to be Platform Builder user, what does that mean? By default, does Windows CE 6 autorun applications found on an inserted USB stick? Can Windows CE 6 autorun an application on an inserted USB stick? If you want to start a set of programs after system boots up in Windows How to Autostart Programs after System Boots Up in option or paste app shortcut