Rainbow Broken Glass Jello

Broken-Glass-Jello Recipe By Cupcakepedia, broken glass jello, broken glass jello recipe, fancy gelatin desserts, fancy jello recipes, jello ideas for creative desserts, serving broken glass jello, broken glass gello, mexican jello, creative ideas using gelatin for cakes, creative jello designs, creative jello desserts, creative jello ideas, cut glass jello, cut glass jello recipe, recipe for broken glass pie jelloIf you have a kid like I do, you have to make this rainbow broken glass jello.
It is so attractive to the little ones in the house and is a fun to make together with the kids. Make plenty of these jello for a birthday party and you will have a wonderful time, at least a colourful one for sure.

Pick the Jello colours you like, use vibrant colours such as blue, orange and red. You can buy Jello brand in any supermarket, but I find that if you buy online, sometimes they offer different colours in bundles. Check out here on Amazon and see if they have the colours you like.

I think this is the coolest idea for any holiday seasons as well. Simple use different colour schemes for different holidays. Christmas red and white, St. Patrick’s Day green, Valentine’s Day red or pink. The list goes on and on. Why not get over to The Food Librarian to check out the recipe and instructions. Have fun and enjoy.

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