How to Make Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes: Twinkie Edition

how to make minion cupcakes recipe by cupcakepedia

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Lots of readers have asked us to make minion cupcakes for the upcoming Despicable Me movie so that’s what I’m doing right now on Cupcakepedia today.


We love Despicable Me Minions so much that I held a minion party the other day! Check out what I had in stall for our party here. Cake pops and fondant are only some our party surprises. But before we get off track, keep reading!


Believe me, although these minion cupcakes “seemed” so simple to make, they are not. You would think, “All we need are some smarties and black ink icing. How hard can it really be?” Well, in reality they were a bit tedious to construct and a little messy too…because there are two steps:


  1. Make the cupcakes and frosting (that’s ok, my speciality, simple enough)
  2. Meanwhile, making the minion heads


But the end result justifies everything and the minion cupcakes are completely adorable and worthwhile to make. I wouldn’t recommend making these cupcakes on the fly though. You need to spend some time on them.


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You can get your little ones involved in this cupcake project now that it is summer holidays. In fact, the kids can do all of the tedious parts like drawing the eyes which is really fun for them (hehe… don’t tell them!).



Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes Twinkie Edition

Servings: 24 Minion Cupcakes



- Frosted Cupcakes (use one of my favorite recipes here or here on Cupcakepedia)
- Twinkies 12
-  Smarties/Any Round Candies/Ready-Made Candy Eyes 1 bag (details here)
- Brown Sprinkles 1 bag
- Black Writing Icing (you can use other colors as you like, details here)



- Cut the twinkies in half.

- Squeeze two dots of black icing on the smarties or other candies to act as glue.

- Add the smarties or other candies as eyes, colorful or just plain white.

- Draw pupils on the eyes, a mouth, goggles using black writing icing.

- Place a few chocolate sprinkles on the minion’s head for hair.

- Finally, put the minions cut side down on top of each frosted cupcake.


Enjoy your Despicable Me Minion Cupcake! And make Gru proud. Before you go, don’t forget to visit our minion party here and check out what my readers do for a true Despicable Me Minion Party!


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