Adorable Chocolate Puppy Cupcakes

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Summer for us means a lot of beach time. And what better activities to do on the beach than bring the family dog with us and have a dip in the blue ocean with the kids and the dog? So much fun. My girlfriend’s Lisa’s little boy had his 5 years birthday party two weeks ago and been the great friend and cupcake fairy I am, I made these adorable puppy cupcakes for the birthday party, on the beach (I mean the birthday party, not the cupcake making, hehe…)! Look at them: such cute and adorable creatures, and I have made a truck load of them!

chocolate puppy cupcakes recipes by cupcakepedia, chocolate, cupcakes, dessert, cupcake, dog, cupcakepedia, animal cupcakes

How could anyone resist these sweet treats: big floppy ears, innocent googly eyes, and a smile that can melt anyone’s heart?! The kids adored these puppy cupcakes so much and all the mums were asking me which cupcake recipe they should use and where to buy the biscuits.

For the cupcake part, I used my all time favorite chocolate recipes: classic chocolate recipe – never fail this one with the kids. The sight of the chocolate along sells these cupcakes already! And the real fun part for these cupcakes are the puppy face. These are not hard to make if you know which biscuit to use and I have found the cutest puppy ears! Use the Nutter Butter Cookies because they have the right shape for the puppy ears. Then you can use a round butter cookie for the face, chocolate M&Ms for the cute nose, add googly eyes and draw a smiley mouth. Then we are done! Happy birthday, my little man. I hope the cupcake fairy made you happy this year.

Adorable Chocolate Puppy Cupcakes Recipes


Classic Chocolate Cupcakes (check recipe here)


Puppy Face Ingredients:

– Chocolate M&Ms 1 pack

– Round Butter Cookies 1 pack

– Nutter Butter Cookies 1 pack (details here)

– Edible Candy Eyeballs 1 pack (details here)

– Royal icing or Chocolate drawing pen 1 pack (details here)



  • Assemble one round cookie, and two Nutter Butter Cookies into a puppy face on the cupcake.
  • Add one M&M as a puppy nose.
  • Add two edible candy eyeballs as puppy eyes.
  • Draw a puppy mouth with royal icing or chocolate food drawing pen.


There you go, another great birthday sorted with these adorable Chocolate Puppy Cupcakes! But before you go, you might want to check out another great Nutter Butter cookie recipe hereBlue Hawaii Flip Flop Cookies. They are super cute, too. Or how about a super easy Snowman Cookies recipe? Snowman covered with white almond bark and colourful M&Ms, totally addictive to me. Check out the recipe here. And last but not lest, if you love animal cupcakes, you might want to check out my favorite animal cupcakes in one post:

14 Animal Cupcakes That Everyone Can Make


Enjoy and have a great day!


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  15. Glinda Morris says:

    Wonderful. Ideas for the grandchildren I’ll have to make these for sure thank you very much for sharing these recipes ..

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  19. Camille says:

    Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So creative and helpful…great ideas!!!