Despicable Me Minions: Fondant, Cake Pops and More!

It’s party time with Despicable Me Minions! I have an army of Despicable Me Minions in stall for you today. They will blow your mind. There’s minion cakes, minion pops and even minion bowling pins! I have them all. So check below for more Despicable Me fun!

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OK, now back to our minions fun. Be warned: there is no recipes for these minions. If you are looking for recipes, or how to actually making them, then this post is not for you. You can stop reading now. These minions are for celebration and fun only.  Check them out to see how fun minions can be. I’m sure you would enjoy them as much as I do.

Fondant Despicable Me Minions Tutorial


despicable me minions tutorials cupcakepedia


These are step by step instructions of how to make fondant minions. Got to love that! If you want to start making fondant cakes, you might want to try your hands on these tiny minions first. Super easy to follow instruction guarantees that you will have a batch of these Despicable Me Minions in no time.




Minion Pops


despicable me minion pops cupcakepedia


Minion pops, happy little soldiers. Simply stick your fondant minions onto a stick and you have a minion pop to enjoy. Bring it to the school with your kid and see how popular these little soldiers are. Satisfaction guaranteed. Why not have a go?




Despicable Me Minions Spoon Pops

despicable me minion candy spoons cupcakepedia

OK, these look a bit scarier than the other cute minions. None the less, they are as yummy. Besides, minions got their evil sides, too. Hehe. Don’t forget that.




Minion Bowling Pins


despicable me minion bowling pins cupcakepedia


Summer means lots of soft drinks, and what do you do with your leftover drink bottles. You know, those 2L coca cola bottles. Fancy some bowling in your backyard? Well, now you can with super fun Minion bowling pins! No more waste,  and loads of fun.




Minion Cupcakes


despicable me minion cupcakes cupcakepedia


Minions Cupcakes are so popular ever since the Despicable Me Minions were here. With their yellow outfit and giant googly eyes, I love these cupcakes dearly.




Mini Minion Marshmallow Cupcakes


despicable me minionmarshmallow cupcakes cupcakepedia


Chocolate and marshmallows, yummy! These Despicable Me Minions are marshmallows in disguise. So cute.




Minion Cake


Despicable me minion cake recipe by cupcakepedia


This huge Despicable Me Minions cake will feed an army. This is one giant minion for sure. You will have a fan of Despicable Me Minions rush in and enjoy the cake in no time.



Want more minion fun? Check out our other Despicable Me Minions!

Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes: Twinkie Edition


despicable me minion cupcakes


Who knew twinkies can be so useful?



Despicable Me Giant Minions!


despicable me minion cupcakes


This is one giant Minion! He would be the king of the Minions!



That’s all folks! Have a happy minion-filled day!

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18 Responses to Despicable Me Minions: Fondant, Cake Pops and More!

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  11. Love all your minion sweets! So cute and so creative!

  12. franzibee says:

    Wow! So many Minions!!!! Love it! I also did some:

    • cupcakepedia says:

      Yeah, let’s party with Minions!!

      • I would love to do the cupcakes and large minion cake but I need more than a visual, how do I get the picture and word version? The size of the cake pan? Did you color the white frosting yellow, what did you use for around the eye? It looks silver….was that an oreo cookie with the top taken off for the eye? Sorry but I guess I’m not too bright when it comes to baking!

        • cupcakepedia says:

          Hi, Judy,

          These minions are for inspiration and fun only. No recipes are included. You might look up for some minion recipes on the web for detailed instructions.


          Angela x

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