Despicable Me Minions: Fondant, Cake Pops and More!

It’s party time with Despicable Me Minions! I have an army of Despicable Me Minions in stall for you today. They will blow your mind. There’s minion cakes, minion pops and even minion bowling pins! I have them all. So check below for more Despicable Me fun!

Talking about having fun, I am having a lot of fun this Holiday season with many more Festive posts. Why not check them out and enjoy as well:

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OK, now back to our minions fun. Be warned: there is no recipes for these minions. If you are looking for recipes, or how to actually making them, then this post is not for you. You can stop reading now. These minions are for celebration and fun only.

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20 Responses to Despicable Me Minions: Fondant, Cake Pops and More!

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  13. Love all your minion sweets! So cute and so creative!

  14. franzibee says:

    Wow! So many Minions!!!! Love it! I also did some:

    • cupcakepedia says:

      Yeah, let’s party with Minions!!

      • I would love to do the cupcakes and large minion cake but I need more than a visual, how do I get the picture and word version? The size of the cake pan? Did you color the white frosting yellow, what did you use for around the eye? It looks silver….was that an oreo cookie with the top taken off for the eye? Sorry but I guess I’m not too bright when it comes to baking!

        • cupcakepedia says:

          Hi, Judy,

          These minions are for inspiration and fun only. No recipes are included. You might look up for some minion recipes on the web for detailed instructions.


          Angela x

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