One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

Making one hundred chocolate cupcakes in one go for a wedding? You need one bowl wedding reception cupcake-table-decor 2chocolate cupcakes. To make 100 cupcakes is a test of excellent math skills, patience, persistence and will. Getting 100 cupcakes from a bakery will be a pricy thing and mention the word wedding to it will make the price even higher. Believe me, I had tried before. Christmas is coming and all the gifts need to be bought, add wedding dress, wedding rings, wedding floral arrangement, reception expenses to it, keep your wedding budget low is a super hard thing to do. That’s why I enjoy these one bowl chocolate cupcakes.

Having a family or friend tiring the knot this Christmas? Make these chocolate cupcakes for them as the perfect wedding gift. Classic vanilla cupcakes are always a hit for any event, and they look super pretty on a wedding day. Lace them up in fancy wedding cupcake wrappers, swirl them with the perfect buttercream frosting, add cupcake toppers with the bride and grooms initials and they look better than store made cupcakes. But today I’m concentrating on one bowl chocolate cupcakes only. Because they are easier to make without the frosting and everyone loves a great chocolate cupcake.

wedding reception cupcake-table-decor 1

These One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes cupcakes are made out of cocoa and extracts of vanilla. It is a simple CHOCOLATE Cupcake recipe (did I mention chocolate? I Love chocolate and holiday is the best time to enjoy chocolate IMHO) that everyone can make but really the taste is really delicious. To make things easier (you will have a million other things to do for the wedding, for sure), you don’t have to frost them, the cupcakes along are great treats to enjoy and look beautifully delicious at the same time. Wedding or not, these One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes will be a hit in any party during this Holiday chocolate cupcakes

Recipe courtesy by Sassy Radish

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