7 Healthy Yummy Avocado Paleo Dessert

Healthy Yummy Avocado Paleo Dessert, I love it. Are you on a Paleo diet and want to enjoy avocado? Cutting avocado is fun every since I got my Avocado slicer. My avocado slicer gives me all the more reason to enjoy avocado. How many ways you can eat an avocado other than slice it and put it in salad? How about put avocado into dessert like cupcakes, puddings, and milkshakes? It is totally achievable and I love to use avocado in desserts to create creamy and flavourful treats that are health and diet friendly. Not any diet, but the super trendy Paleo diet.

So if you love avocado and want to incorporate it in your everyday Paleo diet, you’re in for a treat today. Check out all the Healthy Yummy Avocado Paleo Dessert below, can you see any avocado? Nope! Not a trace of green avocado in sight. But let me tell you, the main ingredient in these treats are only one thing: yes, avocado! Avocado chocolate pudding, avocado banana milkshake, avocado chocolate brownies…totally mouthwatering desserts all with hidden avocado in them. Read on and enjoy a fest of avocado:

7 Healthy Yummy Avocado Paleo Dessert

Homemade Chocolate Pudding


Recipe courtesy of HomeGreens

These avocado chocolate puddings can be easily made at home and they are also Gluten Free. Have a go and you’ll totally enjoy this treat. Super yummy!

Raw Chocolate & Orange Mousse


Recipe courtesy of yumminspirations

Apple Pie Pudding

Apple-Pie-Pudding Paleo

Recipe courtesy of Meatified

A great recipe from Meatified and totally scrumptious and a joy to have. Love your apple pie, now you can enjoy it in a different way. I always love to try new things, and this pudding is a real treat to have.

Chocolate Orange Fudge Pops

Paleo Chocolate-Orange-Fudge-Pops

Recipe courtesy of Meatified

If you know me, you know how much I love icy pops. These chocolate pops have a hint of orange flavor in them and I love the flavour very much.

Paleo Almond Joy Brownies


Recipe courtesy of Cupcakepedia

Add almond to your chocolate brownies, because almond will give the brownies a great texture. I love these Paleo almond brownies, a true joy to have.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding


Recipe courtesy of How Sweet It Is

Winter time is a good time to enjoy some great chocolate puddings, and this avocado Paleo chocolate pudding is easy to make and a delight to have in a lazy sunny afternoon. Only a small cup will make me satisfied.

Chocolate Banana Avocado “Milkshake”

Chocolate Milkshake-with-avocado

Recipe courtesy of Meaningful Eats

I love to have milkshakes because their silky smooth texture and yummy taste. If you love your normal banana milkshake, why not add a bit of avocado in it. It is tasty and this Chocolate banana avocado milkshake is also Dairy Free and Gluten Free.

I hope you have enjoyed these Healthy Yummy Avocado Paleo Dessert as much as I do. Why Paleo, you ask? Well, you know my friend Steph? She’s really into Paleo and as her best friend, I always keep an eye on Paleo recipes for her. With the holidays coming, I think it’s great to collect some yummy Paleo dessert for Steph! That’s what friends are for, don’t you think. Oh, you can check out all the great Paleo blogs that Steph has collected during her Paleo journey. These are the places Steph visits often to get her Paleo recipes. I hope you love them, too. Talking about Paleo recipes, how about 40 Top Paleo Recipes sound? You can actually get this ebook for FREE for a limited time. So check it to see if you’re the lucky one. You can also get FREE eBooks from Cupcakepedia if you look at the top of my blog, you will find a column called Free Cookbooks.

As for me, my favorite Paleo recipe is the Healthy Paleo Ravioli. Check it out, I hope you like, too.

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