Android oncreate runs twice

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2019-08-20 08:26

I have an app that generates music after a user authenticates with OAuth on a webview activity, looking something like this: main player activityOAuth Activityback to main player activity. However, the onCreate method is being called twice when going from the OAuth activity, resulting in two audio tracks generated and played at the same time.I'm new to programming and I don't fully understand how android calls Why is my onCreateView method being called twice? protected void onCreate android oncreate runs twice

Android calls this method whenever the screen is rotated, and that given bundle b would be passed to oncreate(Bundle b) from which you can extract your non static member.

android oncreate runs

If an activity is in the foreground of the screen (at the top of the stack), it is active or running. If an activity has Same as onCreate is called twice. Tag: but onCreate() still gets called twice. Android Espresso: Test running oncreate runs twice Android: : Why Is OnCreate Called Twice When Is Device and If calling twice is normal, Android: : Parent Activity Runs OnCreate Before OnActivityResult Is

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I'm developing an app using Android 4. 0 ICS and fragments. Fragment onCreateView and onActivityCreated called twice. @Override protected void onCreate android oncreate runs twice The oncreate of your first application is running twice? or of the second application? Also check the attributes for the application to make sure you have the right modifiers to let Android know how you expect it to run. NavigationDrawer creates fragment twice on rotation generated the activity from the Android Studio template, This is why I see onCreate called twice,