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SpeedDialing Your Favorites with Your iPhone On your iPhone, you can keep a list of the people and numbers you dial most often in Favorites. Consider Favorites the iPhone equivalent of speeddialing.How can the answer be improved? iphone speed dial

Accessing your favorite and most recent contacts on your iPhone is now faster than ever before, thanks to the iOS 8 update. Just doubleclick your Home button, select your contact above the app switcher menu, then choose how you want to contact them. However, for some iOS users this was a very unwelcome feature; not everyone wants

iphone speed dial

Jul 09, 2016 Favorites is the iPhone's speed dial. Tap Phone, tap Favorties, tap your Favorite which will dial the selection. How to Automatically Dial an Extension on the iPhone Share Pin Email Print image credit: VectorsGetty Images. iPhone& iPod. Guides& Tutorials Basics Installing& Upgrading Tips& Tricks Key Concepts Switching from Android to iPhone by Sam Costello.iphone speed dial Since there are a maximum of ten dial keys available, you cannot add more than ten contacts. After you assign your favorite contacts to the dial keys, you can start speed dialing them right away from the Phone app without having to perform a respring.

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Speed dial is a feature I use a LOT. So glad I got an Android rather than iPhone like my husband and kids! ! ! I would have been extremely iphone speed dial iPhone developer Nate True worked out a clever way to add iPhone speed dial functionality using the Web Clips feature introduced in firmware update. This method for adding speed dial to iPhone is 100 legit How to Add Speed Dial to Your iPhone Home Screen Missing Speed Dialing on iPhone? Not anymore with this little trick If your contact uses an iPhone, you'll also have the option to favorite a FaceTime call. credit: Image courtesy of Apple To dial this number in the future, just open the Phone app to the Favorites tab and tap the person you want to call. Feb 11, 2008 Tanglife: we bring you a tutorial of how to add a speed dial button to your home screen. Enjoy!