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2019-09-19 11:56

Wonder which are the highestselling smartphones in the world this year? Research analytics company Strategy Analytics has announced its quarterly list of the mostselling smartphone models in the world. The list names 6 smartphones that sold best in the first three months of the year. Read on to know the names of these six smartphonesDec 09, 2013 UPDATED. Samsung and Apple phones may today rule the smartphone market roost today, but the most popular phones and smartphones were in fact sold almost a decade ago. Here are some of the top selling mobile phones since the the start of the new millennium. most sold smartphones in the world

Are you looking for top Smartphone companies in the world? Here I have listed top 10 smartphone brands in the world 2018 based on selling quantity.

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China, the most populous country in the world, leads the smartphone industry. The number of smartphone users in China is forecast to grow from around 563 million in 2016 to almost 675 million in 2019. 20 bestselling mobile phones of all time Previous slide Next slide 1 of 20 View All Skip Ad 20: Bringing up the rear for the bestselling mobile phone of all time is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Released in 2012, it shipped with Android 4. 04 Ice Cream Sandwich, and is widely hailed as being the first smartphone to kick off Samsung's domination ofmost sold smartphones in the world 41 rows  It sold over 130 million units. The bestselling slider phone is the Samsung

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The best phone in the US isn't simply an iPhone, although our top 10 list is made up of familiar names like Apple, Samsung, and Google, all toward the front. Even with a lot of household names, picking the best handset remains a tough decision. The good news is that we've tested the best smartphones most sold smartphones in the world The top choice isn't from Apple or Samsung In this month's version of Business Insider's top 20 smartphone. The top choice isn't from Apple or Samsung In this month's version of Business Insider's top 20 smartphone. Apple iPhone 8 is the company's current flagship smartphone. It is the cheapest among the three smartphones launched by Apple last year. In terms of profitability, it is the secondmost profitable smartphone in the world, garnering 19. 1 profits of the total smartphone industry's profits during the first quarter of the year. Samsung has sold the most smart phones in the world. Its Galaxy series is considered as a worthy and, for some sectors, better alternative to the iPhone. It owns almost a third of the smart phone market at 32. 8 percent, roughly