Led torch nokia c5-00

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2019-09-19 12:16

Download Free Flashlight Nokia C5 Apps to your Nokia C5. Get free downloadable Flashlight Nokia C5 Apps for your Nokia, Motorola, SonyPhoneTorch turns your Nokia C5 into a flashlight which supports both, the screen's backlight and the camera's LED flashlights. PhoneTorch can run in background, the light can be turned on and off via the camera key, and screen color can be changed. led torch nokia c5-00

Turn your phone into a fully featured LED flashlight which can be controlled with the camera key for Nokia C5 Free Download

led torch nokia

PhoneTorch Use your Symbian 3rd and 5th Edition phone as a LED and screen flashlight Features include LED and screen light Morse signalling quick switch onoff with camera keys and autostart for Nokia C5 Free Download C500: Camera Flashlight Hi Comm. , I formatted my C500. 2, and the flashlight If it is from the Nokia Store,led torch nokia c5-00 Phone torch for nokia c5 00. My blackberry torch will not charge it has a picture of a battery with a red cross on the screen? Nokia c5 00 how to turn on led light.

Free Led torch nokia c5-00

Available for Symbian, PhoneTorch The LED Flashlight App. The only torch application that is worth buying. led torch nokia c5-00