Enzyme application in pharmaceutical industry

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Enzymes have gained most attention because of their stereoselectivity. Especially in pharmaceuticals the recent tendency to develop single stereoisomer drugs instead of racemates has helped tremendously to establish enzymes as tools in organic synthesis.The enzyme as drug: application of enzymes as pharmaceuticals Michel Vellard Enzymes as drugs have two important features that enzyme application in pharmaceutical industry

Enzymes are now widely used in industry, owing to their specificity for their particular substrate and the fact that they are not consumed after each reaction means that small amount of enzyme can catalyse the formation of large amount of product, making their application very economical.

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One of the major applications of immobilized enzymes in pharmaceutical industry is the production of 6aminopenicillanic acid (6APA) by deacylation of the side chain in either penicillin G or V, using penicillin acylase (penicillin amidase). Enzymes are an important part of industry due to their many favorable properties. The development of industrial enzymes has depended heavily on the use of microbial sources. Microbes are useful because they can be produced economically in short fermentations and inexpensive media.enzyme application in pharmaceutical industry 5 Enzymes used in manufacture of medicines: Immobilized enzymes are used in manufacture of many drugs and antibiotic. This is possible as enzymes convert the prodrug molecules to drugs or starting material to drugs. Also steroidal drugs are manufactured by enzyme action on plant steroids. Refer application of immobilized

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Applications of Enzymes in the Pharmaceutical Industry By: Madison, Michelle, Nancy, Peter and Vivian Introduction: Enzyme Lesson Recap Enzymes are specialized proteins that catalyze chemical reactions. Enzymes either combine molecules to produce new products or break a molecule into smaller parts. Enzymes lower activation energy enzyme application in pharmaceutical industry How can the answer be improved? ENZYMES IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY BIOCATALYSTS The use of biological entity, either whole cells or isolated enzymes, for synthetic transformation. Drug manufacturers use enzymes or enzyme containing microorganisms to biocatalyse a chemical reaction. This can be seen in the AIDS drug abacavir sulfate. Enzymes are considered as a potential biocatalyst for a large number of reactions. Particularly, the microbial enzymes have widespread uses in industries and medicine. The microbial enzymes are also more active and stable than plant and animal enzymes. In pharmaceutical industry, the major applications of immobilized enzymes are the production of 6aminopenecillinic acid using immobilized penicillin amidase which helps in the deacylation of the side chain of either penicillin G or penicillin V.