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2019-08-20 08:18

Previously we showed you how to pull up RTN information on your Android phone using a will open up any hidden menu on your Android phone. Galaxy S2. I usedChapter 1. The Guided Tour THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S IIa svelte, elegant phoneis an enticing gadget, Launch the Email app, press the Menu button, galaxy s2 applications menu

To see all applications installed on your Galaxy Tab, you must visit the Apps Menu screen. To do so, Using Voice Search on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK.

galaxy s applications

Top Apps for Samsung Galaxy S2. Best Android Apps. Apps for Samsung Galaxy S2, allows users to get tracks and albums to the mobile device by pinning from menu. One of the first things you will want to do on your Samsung Galaxy Tab is to place your most favorite apps on the Home screen. Heres how that works: Touch the Apps Menu icon button on the Home screen.galaxy s2 applications menu The Galaxy Apps store is the goto source for the best perks and deals offered to Galaxy and Gear Menu Close. Explore your Galaxy Galaxy Tab S2. Galaxy Tab S2

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Find the settings you need in the Samsung Galaxy S II menu. Table of contents To return to the top of the document, Applications Menu key galaxy s2 applications menu Learn how to hide or show apps on the Samsung Galaxy S II. Go to: Hide app Show app Hide apps Although you may be unable From the Settings menu, touch Manage apps. The application menu is where your phone stores the default applications and your downloaded apps. Initially, Samsung Galaxy S2 has four default application menus. Welcome to our 11th part in a series of articles concerning the Samsung Galaxy S2. Weve been receiving lots of emails from our readers regarding this particular model which is why this series has stretched this far.