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If you want to refactor your package name completely, be sure you update the package attribute as well. As long as you use Android Studio's tools to rename and refactor your packages, then these automatically stay in sync.Android Studio, 1. switch Project view on the left in Android Studio 2. right click module which want to change Refactor Rename 3. do both Rename directory and Rename module 4. open settings. gradle, change module name 5. android rename package name gradle

In the warning dialog, select Rename package and then insert the desired package name. 2 Open AndroidManifest. xml and inside tag change the package to the desired package name. 3 open build. gradle(Module: app) and change the applicationId to the desired package name.

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Select Rename Package and everything will work like a charm; But this will only rename the last part of package name. To rename the first or second part of package name. Create a new dummy file in the part of package which you want to rename. the file will be created inside Article on how to change package name of an android studio project renaming then please click Rename Package Gradle Plugin In Android Studioandroid rename package name gradle Aug 24, 2016  This short tutorial will show you how to change the package name in Android Studio. Here are the steps you need to follow: 1) Make sure you have Android

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Home HowTo: Change the Package Name in Android Studio. February 1, 2016; Open build. gradle file under application, rename package name manually. Now, android rename package name gradle How to rename package name in android learn how to rename the package name in android studio in id in build. gradle; Rename package name in android Is it possible to change the package name of an Android application using Gradle? How to change the Android app package name when assembling with Gradle? You might have download source code from internet and wants to rename the package name step how to renamechange package name in Android Gradle