Pesticides apps

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Mobile Access to Pesticides and Labels (MAPL) Search for pesticide products by name, site, pest, EPA Registration Number, registrant, or search for a combination of these. For example, search for products registered for use in apple orchards against fire blight, or products with citronella that can be used on horses.Do you live in one of California's pesticide hotspots? Farmers apply more than 100 million pounds of pesticides to crops in California each year. Click on a grid on the map to see what pesticides were most commonly applied there from 2003 through 2012. pesticides apps

Several free apps are available for smartphones that can be utilized by pesticide applicators. Please note, these apps are not created nor endorsed by The Ohio State University and are for informational use only.

pesticides apps

Pesticide Tracking App We have used it to profile almost 2000 farmers. Super user friendly interface. GIS for normal people. Lucian Dearborn, Stonestreet Thoroughbreds. Fulcrum makes life simple. Jay Vincent, Outreach Experts. Fulcrum is a flexible yet powerful platform that is backed by a great team. It is very easy to use. Rick New York State Pesticide Agency Registration Application Page 2 of 2 6. Pesticide, Equipment, and Records Storage. Does your agency store pesticides, application equipment, or records at a location different than box 4? Yes No If YES provide the address or addresses below. Attach additional sheet if necessary.pesticides apps Search& download registered pesticide labels. This app allows users to search for labels registered for use in Canada by Health Canadas Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). Users can search by: The results will provide details about the product, along with a PDF version of the label.

Free Pesticides apps

This app helps private orchard applicators and commercial agricultural businesses record and maintain pesticide application information on their Android smartphones and tablets or iPads. While it was developed for an Apple orchard, it can be used for any crop. pesticides apps Contains requirements for pesticide safety training, notification of pesticide applications, use of personal protective equipment, restricted entry intervals following pesticide The app includes a convenient searchable list of Iowa registered pesticide products and Environmental Protection Agency product registration numbers. This app allows users to record information in the field at the time of application, and then print and email the records, said Kristine Schaefer, PSEP program manager with ISU Extension and Search and discover which pesticides are on what, and what chemicals are the most dangerous. You may be surprised. Even after washing, a variety of pesticide residues turn up on many of our foods. With our app you can compare organic to conventional foods in ways that go far beyond top 10 lists.